Attitude for quality
Site security
 Stationary security is the main type of security, which comprises a system of guard posts, situated in the territory of the guarded site. In particular, we safeguard:
• apartments, cottages and whole residential areas;
• supermarkets, storage facilities and warehouses;
• institutes, colleges and schools;
• offices;
• industrial enterprises and building sites
Our long-term experience shows that it's necessary to develop a proper strategy of safety measures for every object. We develop our plans of protection on the basis of requirement and threat analysis, consequently, our safety measures are fine-tuned to address the unique features of the site. Working together with the Customer we continuously monitor the safety measures to provide a proper quality standard and the highest safety level.
These are mobile patrols which support our on-site security guards. They react immediately upon receiving a call.
All our employees have the required expertise and professional skills enabling them to perform their duties at the highest level.

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